Mer Rose


light roses scented water based tint for lips&cheeks.
unique formula that gives you a pure natural look.

be ready to get tones of compliments on your light tanned cheeks
and you’re red-pinky natural lips!

Mer Rose is perfect for any woman who love the natural easy look
so take out your’e phone and take a selfie! cause you look gorgeous!

capacity: 10 ml

Return and Replace policy

Availability: In stock

shake well before use. drew 3 lines on every cheek and blur with youre fingers. for you’re lips- apply on your’e lips with the brush. use as much as needed.

dont swallow. avoid eye contact. keep away from children. dont use the product if any alergics known to one of the ingredients. use the product only for what it was made for and according to the instructions.

אתר זה שומר שבת. אנא חזרו במוצאי שבת.
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