The company

Mor Maman Cosmetics was founded by Mor Maman in 2019 after many years of vision to raise a company that will represent the natural beauty of every woman as she is- natural,beautiful and real.

the company burst in consciousness through launching the product- MER ROSE- sea of roses in French. MER ROSE is based on water,pure and gives you the natural tan look, as you just came back from the beach.

with a tiny touch of color to your lips in a manner of emphasize your natural beauty in the most natural way!
soon to be increase and release more products that will focus only in the woman natural beauty

about Mor

Mor Maman was born and raised in the city of Beer-Sheva, Israel. she break into our life in 2014 when she won in miss Israel beauty contest and was sent to represent Israel in miss universe.

following her win in MISS ISRAEL Mor choose to devote her time to lecture about feminine empowerment in front of at risk teens and women in israel and also in the jewish community in the usa. moreover mor is lecturing about obesity and the ways to treat it right and how to embrace a healthy life style. if she was just a little girl mor was suffocating from bullying at school because of her heavy weight and this is why she tells her story to the world- from a fat little girl to a Beauty Queen.

after her military service mor got involved with the cosmetics industry in USA and became a partner in a known cosmetics company that has 20 branches all over USA. these days mor is a mother, a wife and a business woman that devoting herself to build a company and develop more products that will glorify the natural beauty of women all around the world.

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